Sunset Radiology, Inc. provides superior nighthawk and teleradiology coverage for radiology groups and hospitals nationwide. We live up to our motto, “Our Radiologists Shine at Sunset!”  What sets Sunset Radiology, Inc. apart is consistency. Our highly-trained radiologists provide fast turnaround of accurate and competitively priced typewritten reports.   We do not outsource our reads to foreign destinations.

Sunset Radiology, Inc. has been awarded the gold seal of approval by The Joint Commission each and every year since 2006.  Sunset Radiology, Inc. is a full service teleradiology provider based in Southern California. We have a network of radiologists with varied advanced training subspecialty backgrounds, all of whom are pleasant, easy to deal with and can be easily reached during our shifts for consultation.

All of Sunset Radiology, Inc.’s radiologists are board-certified and fellowship trained and have had years of experience with academic and private practice groups.  Further, Sunset Radiology, Inc.’s radiologists are domestically located, 100% American trained, and are all living and practicing in the United States.   Sunset Radiology, Inc.’s radiologists are licensed in every state where they provide teleradiology services.  All of Sunset Radiology, Inc.’s radiologists are required to abide by a strict code of Quality Standards.

COMMITMENT.   Sunset Radiology, Inc. employs full-time dedicated radiologists with various subspecialty training. Selecting Sunset Radiology, Inc. as your teleradiology service provider means that you will not have to contend with a revolving door of radiologists.  Unlike other teleradiology companies, our group of full-time radiologists are dedicated to a life-long career in teleradiology and able to provide a level of consistency and stability that the large teleradiology firms just cannot match.

ACCESSIBILITY.  Sunset Radiology, Inc.’s radiologists are all immediately available for telephone consultation during their shifts. In addition, our 24-hour help desk is always here to help with any questions that you may have at any time of the day or night.

CONSISTENCY.  Sunset Radiology, Inc. will provide you with a core group of dedicated radiologists. You and your referring physicians alike will learn to personally know and trust each and every one of our team of conscientious and well-trained radiologists. You will sleep well knowing that Sunset will be handling your interpretations, day after day, night after night, month after month, and year after year.

TRUST.  The reliability of our radiologists and enhanced rapport with your referring physicians allows us to be a highly effective extension of your practice. Sunset Radiology, Inc. is not the largest teleradiology company nor do we want to be.  We are not a publicly-traded company and therefore we don’t answer to stockholders. We only answer to YOU.

FLEXIBILITY. We will work with you to find the most cost-effective way to provide the exact, custom-fit teleradiology coverage you desire.  Want to call last minute to extend coverage a few hours?  No problem.  Want to start coverage a little earlier on a weekend or holiday? No problem.  Want to call for a quick second opinion on an MRI?  No problem.

HIPAA COMPLIANT.  All of Sunset’s systems and procedures are compliant with the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

INNOVATION.  Sunset Radiology, Inc.’s state-of-the-art teleradiology system accepts and distributes studies to our radiologists from any modality, server or PACS at lightning fast speed. Our staff of expert network and applications IT personnel are responsive 24/7 for seamless integration and ongoing support.  Further, Sunset’s proprietary Electronic Communications System (ECS) provides for immediate online order entry, triage of critical cases, turnaround time tracking and bi-directional communications to facilitate the expedient delivery of information between radiologists, technologists, radiologist assistants, nurses and referring physicians.

SUMMARY.  In every measure of performance, Sunset Radiology, Inc. meets the “gold” standard of teleradiology service providers.  We believe that selecting Sunset Radiology, Inc. as your teleradiology company will be the best and last decision you will ever have to make on teleradiology coverage because of the consummate professionalism and superior service we will provide.

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