Quality Assurance

Sunset’s goal is to provide a superior level of professional service to our client facilities and their patients.  Sunset maintains a rigorous Quality Assurance Program whereby all reported discrepancies are addressed and tracked.  In addition, our radiologists are required to comply with Sunset’s stringent Quality Standards.

Sunset has stringent peer review processes and standards.  100% of our preliminary reports are peer-reviewed the next day by the local, client radiologist.  Client radiologists complete a peer-review form should a discrepancy be identified in one of our radiologists’ reports.  Clients are asked to submit the peer-review form to Sunset’s main office.  A copy of the client’s peer review form is archived and the radiologist is notified and asked to review and comment upon the exam, and the perceived discrepancy. Sunset logs and tracks all discrepancies.  Sunset analyzes and trends the aggregate data quarterly.  This analysis is one of Sunset’s key internal measures of success.  As a testament to our dedication to the utmost in patient care, we use the discrepancy analysis to secure and maintain Sunset’s Joint Commission accreditation.

Sunset will provide your group with Peer Review Documents that can be used to log discrepancy reports and submitted back to Sunset.  Sunset will address and track each reported discrepancy, take corrective action if necessary, and communicate these actions to your group. Sunset reviews all discrepancies with the interpreting radiologist, documents any special circumstances of the case, and tracks and monitors for trends.  Any trends are addressed, and additional education arranged, if necessary (none needed yet).  In addition, we have a separate internal peer review program whereby 10% of our cases are double-read, with discrepancies reviewed and tracked as above.

Sunset also provides Quarterly Discrepancy Reports and Turnaround Time Reports.

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