Why Choose Sunset

Radiologist Owned and Operated Unlike the publicly-traded mega-teleradiology groups that have to answer to shareholders and the bottom line, radiologist-owned-and-operated Sunset Radiology, Inc. will deliver focused and personalized attention to your group.

No Competition with Local Groups Sunset will never compete with your group, and is dedicated to the principle of providing a value added service to the client groups serviced by Sunset. 

100% USA Based – Trained, Working, and Living in the U.S. Sunset’s radiologists are domestically located, 100% American trained, and are all living and practicing in the United States.  Sunset is dedicated to strengthening the American economy and does not outsource any of our reads to foreign destinations.

Cost-Effective, Competitively Priced We want to meet the specific needs of your group on pricing and flexibility in scheduling, and will work with you to find the most cost-effective way to provide you with coverage.  Sunset believes that teleradiology services are not interchangeable, fungible, trading commodities, like grains of wheat, each one being just about the same as the other, where price is the only issue of concern.   Unlike the free market trading of interchangeable commodities, selection of a teleradiology service should mainly depend upon the quality of service that is being offered.  In the end, it is all about PERFORMANCE, delicately balanced with cost effectiveness.  Sunset and its top notch, dedicated medical professionals will deliver to your group’s hospitals — superior teleradiology coverage tailored to meet the needs of your hospitals, at a price that is both reasonable and competitive.
There are no hidden costs or stand-by fees in Sunset’s pricing schedule.

There is:

  • No Nightly Minimum
  • No Monthly Minimum
  • No Stand-by Fee
  • No Super-Stat Fee
  • No Extra Fee for Holidays

Accurate, Professionally Typed, Quality Reports in 30 Minutes or Less
 The delivery of timely, accurate reports is the cornerstone of our mission to provide the highest quality of patient care.  You can be assured that our radiologists will give thoughtful, unhurried attention to your cases, and timely delivery of reports in the most expeditious fashion possible.  Sunset’s interpretations will be provided to you in the form of a highly professional, typewritten report.  This report will be transmitted simultaneously to the referring physicians at the hospital and to your business office via facsimile.  Turnaround time is less than 30 minutes for routine cases, and less than 10 minutes for critical cases — depending on complexity.  Sunset’s radiologists will also provide telephone notification of all preliminary interpretations where significant positive findings are indicated, or otherwise, when other questions require telephone consultation.

Preliminary and Final Reads, 24/7/365 Sunset offers nationwide coverage for preliminary and final interpretations in all modalities.

Core, Stable Group of Radiologists Providing Consistency to your Practice Good rapport with the ER doctors is essential as well as consistency in who will be reading your cases.  We will select a core group of Sunset’s radiologists to meet your coverage needs.  There is no “swinging-door” of radiologists at Sunset.  The referring physicians will know exactly who will be handling the after-hours interpretations, night after night, month after month, and year after year.  We will be able to develop trust and rapport, leading to better communication.

Diplomatic, Affable, Highly Accurate Radiologists, Easy to Reach for Consultation Sunset has a network of radiologists with varied advanced training backgrounds, all of whom are pleasant, easy to deal with and can be easily reached during our shifts for consultation.

Only Full Time, Career Teleradiology Physicians Committed to Sunset and Your Practice Sunset’s highly competitive recruitment program ensures that you will have fully trained, career teleradiologists who are committed to Sunset and your practice.  Sunset does not employ locums, residents or fellows.

All Radiologists are Board Certified and Fellowship Trained All of Sunset’s radiologists are Board Certified and fellowship trained and have had years of experience with academic and private practice groups.

Extremely Low Discrepancy Rate Sunset Radiology, Inc.’s goal is to provide a superior level of professional service to our client facilities and their patients.  Sunset maintains a rigorous Quality Assurance Program whereby all reported discrepancies are addressed and tracked.

Robust, State-of-the-Art Teleradiology System and IT Infrastructure with 99.99% uptime.  Sunset’s HIPAA compliant and teleradiology system accepts and distributes studies from any modality, server or PACS at light-fast speed. Our expert network and applications IT staff are responsive 24/7 for seamless integration and support.  Sunset’s servers are co-located in a state-of-the-art internet data center with bandwidth of 10Mbps upload and download speed (6.7 times T1).  Sunset’s radiologists use 2 & 3 MP (mega pixel) diagnostic, medical grade monitors for their interpretations, and 2 MP color monitors for demographic data and color Doppler interpretation.

Proprietary Electronic Communications System Promoting Clear & Accurate Communications with Hospital Staff Sunset has developed a proprietary Electronic Communications System (ECS). With this system, technologists no longer call in their exams to our operators by telephone, but rather, enter the data through a HIPAA-compliant, password-protected online communications system designed for ease of use and elimination of communication errors.  The Sunset ECS system is completely web-based, and requires only a computer with internet access.

24/7/365 IT Support and Help Desk Sunset operates 365 days per year and can be contacted at any time to respond to questions or address problems that might arise.   Sunset maintains a dedicated medical, administrative, IT, sales, and accounting staff, both in-house and through partnering arrangements with qualified experts.  Sunset also provides 24/7/365 comprehensive IT support for its network and teleradiology system to address any complications that might arise.

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