Electronic Communications System (ECS)

Sunset Radiology, Inc.’s proprietary Electronic Communications System, “ECS” for short, promotes clear & accurate communications with hospital staff.   Hospital technologists no longer call in their exams to our operators by telephone, but rather, enter the data through a HIPAA-compliant, password-protected online communications system designed for ease of use and elimination of communication errors.  The Sunset ECS system is completely web-based, and requires only a computer with internet access.

Some of the features include:

  • Sunset’s Radiologists alerted to critical status cases, for enhanced triage of these studies;
  • Radiologists alerted to time-in-queue status by color-coded entries, designed to enhance turn-around time;
  • Users are able to check the status of their cases and request status updates without calling in;
  • Ultrasound technologists are able to communicate findings through easy-to-use customized worksheet templates;
  • Users are able to communicate special instructions to the radiologists, including phone and fax numbers for inpatient/outpatient exams, etc;
  • Sunset’s Radiologists are able to communicate when images are not received, significantly reducing turnaround time and increasing productivity.

Communications Log and Patient Tracking System

  • SUNSET offers its clients a web-based and electronically accessible state-of-the-art Communications Log and Patient Tracking System which allows our clients to access all relevant information about each case transmitted to Sunset for interpretation.
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