Sunset Radiology, Inc.  is a Joint Commission accredited, full service teleradiology provider based in Southern California.   Sunset provides superior teleradiology coverage for radiology groups and hospitals nationwide.  What sets Sunset apart is consistency.  Our highly-trained radiologists provide fast turnaround of accurate and competitively priced typewritten reports. We do not outsource our reads to foreign destinations.

Preliminary and/or Final Interpretations Sunset Radiology, Inc. is fully insured to provide both preliminary and final reads of all modalities.

After-Hours Coverage Sunset Radiology, Inc.’s core business is our “nighthawk” service, that is, preliminary or final interpretation of after hours’ cases.

Daytime/Overflow Coverage  Should your group have need for overflow coverage, Sunset stands ready to assist you with daytime coverage, sparing you locum tenens expense.

No Competition with Local Groups Sunset will never compete with your group, and is dedicated to the principle of providing a value added service to the client groups serviced by Sunset

Pricing There are no standby charges or hidden fees.  We strive to offer the fairest pricing.  Also, we are willing to negotiate terms tailored to your particular needs.  Unlike the mega teleradiology groups that have to answer to stockholders only interested in the bottom line, radiologist owned and operated Sunset Radiology, Inc. can offer a cost-effective, teleradiology coverage plan personalized to the requirements of your group.

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